Strategic Health Resources® is an independent consulting and data-mining firm developing focused analytical tools for the health care industry. The firm has created a number of important tools with specific applications for public and private health insurers, provider systems and the manufacturers of medical technologies.

The Evidence of Value® Model (EVM) is an interactive software program that calculates the value of new medical technologies, including drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and other therapeutic interventions. The EVM provides an independent and credible analysis of the cost and clinical impact of new technologies. The EVM supplies practical answers to the important questions asked by technology purchasers and users about the value of new and expensive technologies.

The Disease Incidence Model® predicts the incidence of disease for any patient population, benchmarks it against national standards and identifies outliers from a cost and disease frequency perspective. The Disease Incidence Model® goes beyond traditional projections and underwriting to pinpoint the diseases that result in medical costs, so that medical management can be optimized. It is an invaluable risk assessment and positioning tool, important adjunct to underwriting and vital addition to medical operations.

Consulting Services provided by Strategic Health Resources® include reimbursement analysis and positioning, strategic market and product development, and educational services directed to senior management of technology manufacturers, provider systems and health plans.

Nancy L. Reaven, president and founder of Strategic Health Resources®, is an experienced health care executive with special expertise in product development and market positioning in the health care industry. The firm, founded in 1993, has assembled a highly regarded staff of reimbursement experts, clinicians, clinical researchers, bio-statisticians and computer programmers and has developed strategic alliances with world-renowned actuarial firms.

The company's mission is to provide innovative tools and services to the health care industry to facilitate the optimal use of health care resources.


For more information about Strategic Health Resources® products and services, please contact us via:

Email: nancy.reaven@strathealth.com

Telephone: (818) 952-5130

Strategic Health Resources
4565 Indiana Avenue, Suite 200
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