Strategic Health Resources® is engaged in understanding the economic and clinical value of new medical technologies, diagnostics and drugs. With the Evidence of Value® Model, (EVM), Strategic Health Resources® has moved beyond traditional cost-benefit calculations by incorporating clinical data, cost and service usage information, and variable assumptions of patient demand and physician behavior into an updateable and verifiable interactive model.

The Evidence of Value® Model
The EVM's interactive capabilities allow the user to input unlimited scenarios of patient characteristics, reimbursement approaches, cost-of-care assumptions, and assumptions about patient demand and physician prescribing/technology use patterns. Health plans and providers can calculate the expected clinical and cost outcomes of the new technology within the context of their unique patient population and business situations.

The EVM supports the complex decisions about coverage, reimbursement and technology use facing every health plan, provider system and clinician. Information received from the EVM helps providers and payers to:

  • • Anticipate the way new technologies will affect clinical care for certain diseases;

  • • Budget for the cost of new technologies;

  • • Support decisions about formulary inclusion and co-payment levels;

  • • Identify patient populations for which the new technology is most clinically and economically effective;

  • • Promote the reduction or growth in utilization of the technology.

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