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Disease Incidence
The Disease Incidence Model® predicts and benchmarks the incidence of disease in a population. Based on any age/sex distribution, its reports show:
  • • Which diseases are likely to be most prevalent and most costly for this patient population;

    • What's unusual in expected disease incidence and costs for this population; and

    • Whether costs for each disease are being driven by high-cost individual cases or high incidence.

Consultants and their client companies use this information to:

  • Evaluate Health Plans. Evaluate bids from competing Health Plans based on their track record with this group's key diseases;

  • Negotiate Premiums. Negotiate premiums based on an employer's own disease burden;

  • Prioritize Medical Management. Prioritize and direct disease management and case management efforts;

    Focus Medical Resources. Identify differences in employee medical needs in various locations and develop programs and cost-management strategies for each area;

  • Reassess Employee Needs. Quickly reassess employee health needs following a merger, acquisition, or divestiture;

    Anticipate Cost Problems. Identify where an employer's health benefit costs may be especially vulnerable to costly new drugs and therapies;

    Access Medical Costs. Manage the cost spiral in indemnity or self-funded plans caused when healthier employees choose HMO or PPO options;

    Commit to Quality. Compare actual to expected costs for each disease and establish genuine accountability to improve quality of care.

For more information and a sample report, call Strategic Health Resources® at (818) 952-5130.


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