Health Economics and Outcomes Studies have become essential tools to convince health plan decision-makers to cover medical innovations and to reimburse them appropriately. They are also key elements in applications for new procedural and billing codes. Without a proper code, medical innovations are rarely adequately reimbursed, which can stall or even halt new product adoption in its tracks, leading to ruined product launches and disappointing sales.

Federal health programs (like Medicare and Medicaid) and private health insurers want to understand the cost-effectiveness of medical technologies and innovations under real-world health outcomes for patient populations that resemble their beneficiaries. Strategic Health Resources understands the data insurers find compelling and the outcomes they find meaningful. This knowledge is indispensable to develop study designs and presentation formats essential for successful reimbursement decisions. Strategic Health Resources' team of experienced health researchers conducts studies quickly, efficiently and affordably, with output that is relevant to health plan medical directors and financial decision-makers.

Health Economic and Outcome Studies performed by Strategic Health Resources have positioned dozens of new medical technologies for the insurance coverage and reimbursement they deserve.

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