It's important to link the right financial argument with the right decision-maker. Traditional health economic studies are crucial for insurance coverage and reimbursement decisions but often don't address the questions raised by hospitals and physicians who are the actual purchasers of many new technologies. These stakeholders want to understand how a new technology is going to impact their costs, improve their revenue stream, save time and improve efficiency, and how these benefits measure up to the cost of the technology.

Cost justifications are only as good as the data used combined with an understanding of the operational and financial realities of technology purchasers. Strategic Health Resources' staff of former hospital, health plan and physician practice managers have a deep understanding of the financial and operational challenges faced by hospitals and physicians and how to meaningfully illustrate the ways medical innovations address these challenges. In addition, Strategic Health Resources has developed strategic partnerships with nationally recognized actuarial firms and data vendors to provide the detailed patient-level data necessary to develop compelling technology cost justifications at prices that even start-up companies can afford.

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