Insurance coverage and reimbursement policies and hospital purchasing expectations have evolved rapidly during the last several years, making it difficult for manufacturers to keep up. There are few venues where manufacturers can interact directly with knowledgeable insiders from health insurance companies and hospitals to learn about how these institutions make decisions, what they want from technology manufacturers and the key factors affecting their coverage, reimbursement and purchase decisions.

To address this need, Strategic Health Resources has developed two standing Advisory Councils; a Health Plan Advisory Council and a Hospital Advisory Council.

Health Plan Advisory Council
This Council provides an invaluable opportunity for manufacturers to discuss their technologies with medical directors, financial decision-makers and other health plan personnel who routinely make or advise on decisions affecting insurance coverage and reimbursement. The health insurers represented on this Council include the largest national insurers in the US, along with dominant regional insurers and fully integrated health systems.

Hospital Advisory Council
This Council provides unparalleled access to hospital decision makers, including CEOs, CFOs, Value Analysis professionals and Materials Managers in hospitals and group purchasing organizations (GPOs). The facilities represented on this Council include large academic medical centers, large and small community hospitals with broad geographic representation and leading group purchasing organizations.

The Advisory Councils provide a unique no-risk setting for manufacturers to introduce their product concepts to in-the-trenches decision makers. Each meeting between a manufacturer and Advisory Council (using a webinar format) is custom designed by Strategic Health Resources to ensure that the manufacturer is receiving the full value of these informative interactions, and might include:

•  Getting feedback on perceived clinical utility
•  Understanding data requirements for coverage policies and
    technology assessments
•  Gaining insight into the decision-making process within the
    advising facilities
•  Obtaining hard-to-get information on other questions of interest to     manufacturers
And all meetings are covered by confidentiality provisions so that the information exchanged is held privately.

For more information, contact Strategic Health Resources® at (818) 952-5130.


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